Transparent Circle and Square CMYK + White Ink

A terrific technique to promote your business or product without covering the surface they are adhered to is with transparent stickers. They have a spectacular visual impact since they are printed on a transparent material with White ink printing is a process that allows you to print white text or graphics on the transparent vinyl. It can create striking and elegant effects that make your prints stand out when placed on dark objects. Transparent stickers may make you stand out in the crowd whether you want to use them for product labels, window decals, marketing materials, or personal projects.

Using a unique technology, white ink may be printed on vinyl to produce opaque, white, and transparent colours on clear materials. It can be used to make graphics such as labels, stickers, decals, and stickers with transparent backgrounds or transparent colour effects. A particular printer that can work with both clear vinyl and white ink is needed for white ink printing.